Theme: Family
By Sylwia Ciszewska-Peciak

2021 was special for me - it brought huge changes, new challenges, tears of joy and tears of sadness, I am happy as ever, but also I was afraid like never before… I became a mother, I started my own family in exile, away from my relatives...I'm starting my first long term project - ‘She’. It let me keep memories close by while also documenting the changes as they happened. Documenting everyday life, I understood that the place where my daughter grows up is her place, that she is 'at home'. Thanks to this, I finally found an answer to the question that bothers me - where do I belong? I finally felt part of the place where I live. My family builds its own history here in the UK, we cherish Polish family traditions, but also create new, unique, our own.


The photo shows her planting a raspberry bush with her father. For me it is a metaphor of putting down roots, a long term project which keep us longer.

Supporting image for the story


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23 Mar 2022, 1:04 a.m.
Sylvia, this is absolutely wonderful! Such an emotive piece and so rich in history.