Byline Times Article on Ukraine's Refugees and Racialised Borders
In this article, Charlotte Galpin and Sara Jones argue that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has lai…
Byline Times Article on What Denazification means to Russians.
In this article, Maren Rohe and Sara Jones explore the rhetoric of "denazification" …
Conversation Article on the German Elections
This Conversation piece by project CI Charlotte Galpin and PDRA Maren Rohe explores the role of Ger…
Expert Blog: Pawel Duber on the need for dialogue in the EU
Expert blog: The need for dialogue about the future of the European Union, by Pawel Duber
In-Between Spaces Policy Report
Policy report produced as an output from our sister project In-Between Spaces, in collaboration wit…
Photography Workshop Consent Form
Consent Form for Central European Photography Club (sample)
Photography Workshop Information Sheet
Participant Information Sheet for Central European Photography Club
Project Presentation at First Stakeholder Workshop
Presentation given by the project team at the first stakeholder workshop held on 29 September 2021.
Project Presentation at Second Stakeholder Workshop
Project presentation delivered by the team at the second stakeholder workshop on 2 December 2022.
Webinar Series: Post-Socialism, Migration and Memory in Britain and Beyond
Call for Papers: Post-Socialism, Migration and Memory in Britain and Beyond  What happens t…