My Journey

Theme: Journeys
By Sylwia Ciszewska-Peciak

A complicated road led me to the place where I am today. I worked in the production hall making meat and vegetable skewers, preparing boxes for airplanes and checking foam cushions for car seats. I remember I started my journey to the UK with a faith that hard work was going to pay off. The photo shows my first workplace where, as a sociology student, after graduating, I wanted to earn some extra money before my master's degree. I spent a few months there. Eventually this plant was shut down last year, memories will remain. Today I can see how colourful this place was. I look and smile - it was a hard time, full of aching muscles and a feeling of fatigue, but also beautiful - I started to go my own way - free, independent, with a head full of dreams. A lot has happened since then but my journey continues.

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