Phone box

Theme: Hellos
By Francesco Falciani

Francesco told us the first thing he photographed addressing the theme of 'Hellos' was a red phone box outside the West Bromwich Library. He told us how back when he was young, these were the first things that came to anyone's mind when saying 'Hello'. He remembered how he phoned his family and girlfriend at the time, while studying in Milan, away from his hometown in southern Italy. He recalls this as his first 'migrant' experience as even though it was more of an internal migration (within the borders of the same country) he perceived the north of Italy as very 'unwelcoming' and as such made an effort to phone home daily. He also remembers very well the north-south divide as the Northern League party back when he was a student was also pushing for splitting these regions. He told us he associates the phone box with connection and he recalled the time he received his first 'unlimited' phone box card from a friend in Sicily.

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