Hyson Green: Austerity, Flux and Frayed edges

Theme: Community

The theme of community took me back to Hyson Green in which I used to live for thirteen years. After looking at the things I focused on when walking round this very familiar area I realised the theme of frayed edges and Urban decay seemed to be coming into my work. When I reflect on this I realise that of course it would after years of Austerity, the impacts of which are so much worsened by the pandemic. During our workshop discussion I realised I was focusing a lot on buildings and facilities that were once thriving and very important in the context of community and that these buildings are now shut down, or sold off, and so they have peeling edges and layers of dust gathering. However, as a former resident of Hyson Green, I have always felt a strong sense of belonging in an area of constant flux. People are always coming and going here, students, immigrants, young couples, families out growing the area and there is a long tradition of that occurring in the area.

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